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NWS – Ciel Étoile – Motion Sensors + Sound + Video

We’ve finally linked the sketch to the motion sensors — Thanks a collective effort from the hardware team!
The central particles are now responding to an average motion measured from the wrist bands. The plan is to have the percussionist wearing one of these.
This is the Irish group Crash Ensemble performing the song we’re working on:

So, to test the wrist band, Julie mimicked the percussionist’s movement on the performance above:

We also added a video footage of fog, because we’ve found the song’s textures evocative of that image. The idea is to gradually increase the video opacity as the song goes.
Thanks to Angelica Jang, who helped us edit the video!
The project so far looks like this (with Julie playing the percussionist):


NWS – Ciel Étoile – First Sketches

First sketches for the piece “Ciel Étoile,” to be performed by the New World Symphony on March 9.
The project is being developed as an Independent Study with the NWS, coordinated by Joe Saavedra and Ed Keller.
In collaboration with Brendan Byrne and Namreta Kumar (hardware), Madhava Tankha, Bernardo Schorr, and Julie Huynh (software).

From the Irish group Crash Ensemble page: “The piece consists of 36 bars. Each bar is a ‘star’: a unique sound object, played in perfect unison with great concentration. The gestures of the two musicians should always be calm and rehearsed, as in a ritual.”
Because of that, we thought that a minimalistic approach to the visuals could fit better the song. The song textures reminded us of fog too, so we may add that to the next version.