[Thesis 1] Methodological Module Prototype


City of Angels and Wings of Desire: Nicolas Cage might be the only connection between this prototype and ‘internet culture.’

This prototype is a visual comparison of sound and character lines from 2 movies: City of Angels and Wings of Desire. It is an attempt to:
* Apply Lev Manovich’s method from “Visualizing Vertov” to sound, instead of shots.
* Determine if/how patterns emerge from a sound analysis of a movie.

This analysis would be completely useless without data visualizer’s best friend: comparison. That’s the reason why I’m showing 2 movies instead of one. Choosing an European movie and its American remake seemed like a good comparison for insights.

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 2.04.34 PM

How to read it
The area chart shows the relative sound volume from each movie. Because I have no access to good digital copies of any of these movies, made no sense to draw a scale with absolute values.
The red rectangles above the chart show dialogues. I used data from subtitles to draw them.
The slider and play button work like in a regular audio player.
Click here to access the prototype.

Browser compatibility
* Safari: best results
* Chrome: slow interface, but fully operational
* Firefox: might not work

Also, bear in mind that the sound files from these movies are huge. I did my best to manage all sound loading events. Expect some delay before playing, though.

The process and reasons behind this prototype are documented in this presentation. In-depth explanations will be presented in the yet-to-come paper. I’ll update this post as soon as it is ready.


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