[Thesis 1] Methodological Module Workshop

In this workshop, me, Daniel, and Gabor listed and discussed methods we found in our thesis research so far.
I described the method used by Lev Manovich in his article Visualizing Vertov. The paper applies some of Manovich’s techniques — direct visualization, cultural analytics – to visualize the works of Russian movie director Dziga Vertov.



  • digital copies of Vertov’s films provided by The Austrian Film Museum, in Vienna.
  • metadata from these movies.
  • cinemetrics database with shots lengths. This one was used for the comparisons betweens Vertov’s movies with other ones.


  • software
    • ImageJ (image processing and analysis software)
    • custom software
      • computer vision
      • image analysis
  • visualization


  • starts with a “bird’s eye” view, comparing a set of movies from the 20th century, based on date and average shot length, in a scatterplot
  • zoom in into Vertov’s movies compared to Eisenstein’s (Russian movie director from the same period); uses both mean and median shot length
  • zoom in into Vertov’s movies comparing the shots — Manovich uses the 2nd frame of each shot to represent it
  • zoom in into the shot’s frames to compare average motion

Manovich often refers to other film studies made and also to contextual information, such as:

  • Vertov’s manifestos
  • Russian avant-garde ideas about montage
  • Russian political context

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