[Thesis 1] Peer Interview

What is my concept and motivation so far. Text by Evan:

He thinks these is more space to visualize data instead of old school way- charts. So far his investigation has been through a movie editing tool he started to develop, and also a book that mashes up two different movies, made using the same tool.

He expects his coming project to turn into both a software to create experimental artwork and a practical tool for video editors. Therefore, he will start to reach out some video editors as his targets users. Other related users mashup communities on youtube. In addition, he might try to collect comments, experience from viewers and other professionals, like sound engineers, data visualization researchers, film and media researchers, computer vision experts, critics, new media artists, software developers, musicians, etc.

The biggest challenge so far for him is that he feels like he has a too broad and maybe purely theoretical question. He’s concerned with data visualization as a language, and he feels the need to push it to a direction different from the current one.

However, the problem is, that might be his concern only. As Scott said, our projects should be relevant and answer the question: “who cares?” and he cannot answer that yet. That’s certainly his main struggle.

Therefore, he is taking the movies project as a first iteration of his broad idea. It was planned as a sort of ‘direct visualization’ tool, so it fit into his main question.

From that it might be easier to find people who care — editors, movie makers etc.


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