[Thesis 1] Domain and Communities


That was Evan‘s misspelling, but I love it.

Yesterday we made a workshop to map the social aspect of our projects. We split into pairs and helped each other find the areas related to our work.
In the end, we should find common areas between the two. Because Evan‘s project and mine doesn’t seem related, we tried to link them by categorizing the areas instead.
The spreadsheet below is the result of our investigation:

Student Evan Gabriel
Subject Fear. More specifically, the one derived from language barriers. Because the project is based on her own experience as an international student in NYC, she might narrow it down to English language problems. Dada Visualization. Feel the need for new tools other than charts, to visualize data. So far his investigation has been through a movie editing tool he started to develop last semester.
The first people she might talk to is a group of students from an English class she met during Summer. He might finish this tool and test it with people involved in producing experimental videos.
Target Users students video editors
Secondary Users parents people who post mashups on youtube
friends viewers
Experts psychologists data visualization researchers
sociologists film and media researchers
linguists sound engineers
ISS (International Students Services) advisors computer vision experts
ESL (English as Second Language) teachers critics
software developers who work with language applications software developers
Analogous translators musicians
Artists Movie directors whose work is about language problems new media artists


In the end we found out that we share at least two domains: language and video.


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