Final Project – Proposals

Proposal #1
a) Precedent
Visiona 2 is an exhibition created by Danish interior and furniture designer Verner Panton in 1970. It was comissioned by Bayer and took place in a boat rented by the company. Bayer  wanted to create a showcase for its artificial fibers, inviting artists and designers to show its possible applications. Panton designed a hypothetical future with organic forms and vibrant colours. The rooms are also filled with smells and sounds, remaining as a still impressive example of experience design.  3156 2555 304K All images: Verner Panton

b) Idea
Translate some of Panton’s installations to virtual reality. A brainwave sensor could be used to trigger unexpected interactions with the environment — change colours and lightning, move shapes, etc. Kinect sensing could be added to make walls and objects even more responsive.

Proposal #2
a) Precedent
In the Woods is an interactive installation by swiss designer Camille Scherrer. It combines computer vision and projection mapping to recreate users’ shadows as silhouettes of animals. The half-imaginary creatures are also programmed with simple animations to interact with people.

a) Idea
A In-the-Woods-like world, with multiple shadows of the user. A Kinect can be used to track his/her movements. Animals choice can vary according to the mood, read through a brainwave sensor.



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