The Status Box – Final

1. Idea
A box that displays the user status — busy, available, etc. Useful for workings in semi-public spaces. One could tell by looking at the box if a person is focused on work or just checking Facebook, for instance.

2. Development
2.1. Technology
The box doesn’t have any internet connection. The status is changed by physically turning it. Also, it should be as inexpensive as possible. Instead of detecting the angle with an accelerometer, it uses 4 tilt switches — 2 for each axis, x and y.  It works as in the following sketch.

2.2. 1st Prototype
I’ve programmed all functions and assembled the circuit on the breadboard before putting anything inside the enclosure:

2.3. Enclosure
The box is made out of plexiglass and assembled with bolts and nuts only. I drew its plan based on the model found here.
Once again, a huge thank you to Brendan Byrne for the tip!
I had no experience with laser cutting plexiglass, so I ended up melting it. Anyway, it was useful to check if the box plan was right.

2.4. 2nd Prototype
With everything working on the breadboard, I simply stuck it into my enclosure — along with the battery and the Arduino board.
The switches are a little bit unstable. That made the colors flicker while I moved the box. But the main function seemed to work fine.

2.5. Final Circuit and Board Assembling
Once again, this was the hardest part. I used solder AND hot glue, because working with the tape in the previous project was a pain. It didn’t make things easier, though. I build an x and y axis with toothpicks, for the
Also, I had a little less space. Because of that, I ended up glueing the battery to my Arduino.


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