Interactive Animation – 1st Prototype

An interactive animation that responds to non-conventional user input.
Talking about his Face Tracker in an interview, Kyle McDonald pointed out that:
“…as far as a practical applications, I could imagine it augmenting the way the computer understands us. I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently. Your computer has a microphone to listen to you, an accelerometer to know when you drop it, a camera to watch you, an ambient light sensor to know how bright the screen should be. I have to wonder if it makes sense to respond to our pose and facial expressions.”
Though I’m not using face tracking, this paragraph sums up my inspiration for the project.
My aim is to explore those different inputs as much as possible, using an interactive animation as a basis for that.

I will use 3 different inputs from hardware available on my macbook: ambient light sensor, mic and camera.
See previous proposal for more details.

Input Checking

The circle position changes according to the average optical flow inside the central grid.
The circle brightness responds to the ambient light; the size, to the sound input volume.

1st Prototype

I want the inputs to have an intuitive connection to the elements:
– the brightness changes the daylight (sun/moon);
– the sound has a wind effect;
– the user movement rotates the planet.
Now that the technology is working, I’ll add more elements to the animation. The interaction between elements will trigger different events — two touching clouds may cause lightnings, clouds over roses may rain etc.

Code for the input checking example here.
Code for the first prototype here.
You’ll also need two add-ons to run the code:  ofxOpenCV (already included in the oF add-ons folder) and ofxOpticalFlowBarneback.

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