Interactive Story – Proposal

In my final project I’d like to build a minimalist short story with simple interaction. My goal is to explore alternative ways of navigating through a digital book/story/app.

Technical Specifications
I’m planning to use the Macbook ambient light sensor.
I may use the motion sensor as well, though my retina Macbook doesn’t have one.

The children’s books designed by Bruno Munari are my main inspiration for this project. His experiments with different papers, transparencies and paper cut pushed the boundaries of interaction with print media.noiteescura2Munari’s “In the Dark of The Night” (“Nella notte buia“). Photo by Planeta Zorp.

Also, I drew inspiration from AATOAA‘s interactive animation Bla Bla. In this movie without words, the story is told mainly through user interactions.
blablaOriginal post:


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