Versus – Proposal

Authors: Gabriel Gianordoli and Seungkyun Lee

We plan to simulate a relationship between two systems where the members of each system constantly attract, alter and reverse the state of one another.

Classes’ behaviour
We will create two classes, one of pink circles and the other of blue triangles.
The pink circles are individualistic and will float around without a distinctive pattern. Each circle has its own boundary.

The blue triangles will float around as well, but they have the tendency to get into groups of three when they get close to each other. When three triangles come together, they form a larger triangle.

When two large triangles touch each other, the formation breaks and they go back to being small individual triangles.
03a 03b

When the pink circles and the blue triangles are in the same space, the blue triangles are attracted to the pink circles. When a large triangle gets within a pink circle’s boundary, then the pink circle gets affected and turns gray.

If a gray circle is touched by another pink circle, then the gray circle turns back pink.

Context and inspiration
Sexual harassment was our starting point for the elements and general behaviours. That is very clear by the choice of shapes and colors. As for the dynamics, though, the topic may have more complexity than we are able to simulate. That said, our aim is not to recreate all real patterns involved in that power dynamics, but to create a self-sustained system inspired by the topic.

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