Imagine – Observation

Authors: Gabriel Gianordoli, Jamie Hong and Lucy Matchett

After some attempts observing corners, we’ve finally chosen what seemed to be an interesting place for the Instruction Set for Strangers project.

Strawberry Fields (John Lennon’s memorial in Central Park)

Physical Elements
– 3 paths meeting in a common space
– Benches surrounding
– Mosaic memorial in center of space

IMG_4373 DCIM100GOPRO DSC00207

Observation Summary – October 8, 2013
– Tourist attraction.
Already a standard set of behaviours with the space; take a photo with the mosaic and then leave.
People follow other people; the first person to take a photograph sets the standard “rule” for the next people who take their photos. For instance, if someone is standing or sitting in the circle majority of other people will follow this example for their photo.
– Varying different ways in which people pose with the “Imagine” mosaic.
– Sitting within the mosaic circle.
– Staying out of the circle (cautious to stand on it). Not everyone is sure if they are allowed to step on it.
People don’t stand for a long time in the place. That’s why the “rules” may change from time to time.
– Always same direction/angle so can get “Imagine” in a readable way
– People leave things on the mosaic.
– Some people will move these things for their image they want to take. But then replace.
– Some leave what ever is there in a respectable way. Even if they accidentally kick something they will replace.
– Relatively regular flow of people.


We’ve done a first “pre-iteration” before leaving the place. We’ve put some of the roses that someone left there covering the “Imagine” word. After a while, a woman took them away.

It seems that anything above the circle would be rejected almost immediately because:
a) It may spoil people’s picture.
b) It may seem disrespectful.

We were especially concerned with the second one. We decided not to try anything that could be interpreted as a negative thing.





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