Imagine – 1st Iteration

Authors: Gabriel GianordoliJamie Hong and Lucy Matchett

Exploring how we can get the public to interact with the space in a more interesting way and alter this already set behaviour of the way in which they interact and take their photographs.
The way in which we have decided to explore this is very much in the theme of John Lennon’s message of sharing in love that is expressed in the song “Imagine”. Allowing the people that are interacting with the space to share their message of peace and love through the use of his lyrics and personalizing their photographs/ experience.
This will be done through producing a number of different boards that will have different lyrics of the song Imagine written upon them, and created in such a way that it encourages the public to arrange them in relation to the Imagine text to create their own version of the song and message, which they can include in their photo.

First Iteration – October 10, 2013
For the first Iteration our goal was really just to see if people would even interact with the boards in any way shape or form. As we noticed in previous observations that tourists and other people in the space were very cautious with the way in which they interacted with the space, as though they were uncertain as to what they were allowed to do.
So we begun by creating the boards out of cardboard in a very crude mock-up, and just included lyrics from two alternate verses.

First off we set up the lyrics to the side of the mosaic so that people walking through the space would see the set up before they got to the memorial. Our goal was just to see if anyone would take notice.
From the get go there was interest as people stopped to take pictures and read the boards. Most people were hesitant to actually interact with the boards.
We did however get one girl who interacted with the boards in their current position and rearranged them so that they made some sort of sense.
Which was interesting because after she made these changes less people were actually going up and touching the boards but just taking pictures. So this feeds into the whole law of interaction where in people feel compelled to correct or rearrange something that isn’t quite right. Which is an important behaviour to note when it comes to this project. So we rearranged them back to not making logical sense and then we got a little more interaction.

Next we wanted to see what would happen with the boards when they were in direct contact with the mosaic. We wanted to see if people would move them or just leave them within their pictures and if people would even attempt to change anything.
For a while people just left it how it was and started taking their pictures with it and just pictures of the mosaic in general.
We heard some people commenting on the fact that “They have all the lyrics over there”. So there was understanding about what the boards were, probably people were just a little cautious in terms of they weren’t sure what they were allowed to do.
We did however get the kind of interaction we had hoped for when this man. Swapped out the lyrics from “Living life in peace” to “Living for today”.

This was really exciting because it was exactly what we wanted to happen and required absolutely no prompting what so ever. So the potential for this idea to work is definitely there!

Next Steps
Now that we know the boards will work and people will pay attention to them there is just some tweaking we need to do to push the idea further forward and get more people interacting the way we want them to. Some possibilties to explore:
– Replicate the font of the mosaic and attempt to create a tile pattern for the final boards.
– Include different languages and translations of the lyrics, as it is a tourist spot and could get those non-English speaking people to interact with the space as well.

Some Things we’ll definitely do:
– Create more lyric boards and maybe include other words too so people can make their own wishes for the future and the peace.
– Explore scattering the words around the mosaic and above it to see if that changes the type of interaction and behaviour.


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