Adjective – Dusty – Prototypes

Make an array of particles, dust-looking.
Mouse move wipes them, like when you try to clean a very dusty surface.

First prototype
Creating the 2D-array (x and y coordinates) and detecting mouse collision.

Second prototype
Repelling the particles. I’ve never done a script like this before, but it worked out well! I only needed to figure out the sin/cos/atan2 thing all over again:


Third prototype
I added more particles and a third position to the array, to store a random opacity.
Turns out this app makes a really cool effect to draw. I haven’t think of that when I first had this idea. Typographic experiments:

Technical details: I had problems trying to hide the cursor. Looks like “ofHideCursor()” doesn’t work on Mac OSX. I found this code and it worked perfectly:

I like the repelling effect, but I am not sure if it makes it feel like dust. Also, I could not add the Multitouch feature, I still have no idea of how to do it.

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