Adjective – Dusty

According to
Dust-y [duhs-tee]
adjective, dust·i·er, dust·i·est.
1. filled, covered, or clouded with or as with dust.
2. of the nature of dust; powdery.
3. of the color of dust; having a grayish cast.

I want to make a simulation of a surface being covered with dust. As time goes by, the screen will be filled with little particles:

projectProposal_adjective_dusty_01 projectProposal_adjective_dusty_02 projectProposal_adjective_dusty_03 projectProposal_adjective_dusty_04

The mouse interaction “clears” an area, though the particles keep present in its boundaries. Once the mouse is released, the area starts to be covered with dust again. It also allows for multitouch interaction.

Technical hurdles
The main interaction seems simple. The only problem may be the multitouch feature. Also, I would like to get the touch area, not a single mouseX and mouseY coordinate. I know a Processing library that do that, but I have no idea of how to make it using openFrameworks.

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