7in7 – 07 – “Invisible Cities”, Fedora

The Story
Inside of a palace in Fedora, there are several miniatures of the city. Each one is a city design that wasn’t built. Before it was ended, the city had changed already.

1. Sketches
I thought that the best way to represent Fedora was with prototypes. Like the city, they would always be the planned and unfinished version for a bigger project.
I started working once again on the book structure. I imagined an app version of Invisible Cities and drew some quick sketches of its table of contents:


I picked 3 of them to build paper prototypes.

2. Prototypes
I build 3 screens for each prototype. They would show basically the same features, visualized in different ways: the complete list of chapters; the chapters filtered by number; the chapter filtered by theme.
I made them using my notebook pages to simulate an iPad-like size, though they are slightly smaller. I also tried to color code the chapters.

IMG_5169 fedora_v1a fedora_v1b fedora_v1c fedora_v2a fedora_v2b fedora_v2c fedora_v3a fedora_v3b fedora_v3c

3. Final
With the prototypes finished, I tested them with my wife. We shot a video of the section.

4. Notes
None of my prototypes worked. They are all an epic fail. If I had to change any of them, I wouldn’t even know where to start. My assumptions about the navigation were clearly wrong, and I have the impression that I made something simple complicated.
However, this last project was about prototyping — and failing. Considering that, I wouldn’t change anything.


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